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Tierra Store

Tierra Store

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Tierra de los Artesanos is a marketplace were customers can ethically shop for Mexico-Inspired goods. Our mission is economic empowerment for Mexican artesanos currently living in Mexico as well as Mexican immigrants now living in the U.S. 

Tierra de los Artesanos Store Front

720A Telephone Road (Green House) 

Houston, TX 77023


Sunday - Monday : Closed

Tuesday - Thursday: 12 pm - 6 pm

Friday: 11am - 7pm

Saturday 10 am - 5 pm 


LA creacion de tierra

Creation of tierra

When traveling to Merida, Yucatan in 2014 Yvonne noticed two things while in the city. First, artisan women and men would gather in the main plaza daily and sold their craft in an organized manner. Second, she noticed that the women and men were part of cooperatives, learning from each other while sustaining their household by using their skills. After this trip, Tierra began to form. Yvonne began to study what was thriving and working for artisans in Mexico and asked herself, "What could work for the artisans of Mexico who now live in the U.S.?"

Artisan: Rossana 

Artisan: Rossana 

Tierra store

Tierra store

Mexico-inspired goods

Mexico-inspired goods

fair-trade - fair wages 

fair-trade - fair wages 

sustainable relationships

sustainable relationships


Mision Local

Local Mission

Tierra encourages Latina(o) immigrants to use their creative talent and continue using the skills they have learned in their home country. Tierra provides the basic material needed for each artisanal product and provides the platform for each craft to be sold. Our hope is to give immigrants the opportunity to continue using their artisanal skills as a mode for economic empowerment. Once products are created each piece is sold in Tierra's marketplace and around Houston. 


Value: Hardwork

We value HARDWORKING people and will invest in them and their work.

Value: Creativity

We value CREATIVITY and will provide the space for each Artesano to display their unique handcrafted product

Value: Fair Trade

We value FAIR TRADE and commit to paying each worker a fair price in the States and in Mexico.


Value: Just practices

We value JUST PRACTICES and will cultivate a business that believes in the people first. We welcome each artesano as they are.


Mision Internacional 

International Mission


Tierra travels to Mexico seeking out women and men who have dedicated their lives to selling their creative crafts. Each artisan is invited to join Tierra and each relationship reflects fair trade and sustainable practices. Artisans are invited to expand their market to an international scale by joining our online market and store front.

We love Mexico. We love its people, culture, and vitality. It exist there and it exist here because of the people.
— Mendoza