El Grito de Dolores

We are here again, on the cusp of celebrating Mexico's Independence Day! We want to invite you to our celebration here at Tlaquepaque Plaza on September 15, 2018 from 5pm - 10pm. 

We will have music by the amazing DJ Gracie Chavez. We will have Herencia Ballet Folklorico dancing away in front of us all. We will have amazing Mexican food, aguas frescas, desserts and vendors! 

Why come? Come and see what celebrating cultura is all about. For those of us who have had the experience of yelling, "Viva" in Mexico we hope to replicate the feeling in a small dose. For those of you who wish you could go back to your motherland and roots, but cannot, stop by. Because our goal is to transport you to your favorite hometown plaza. 

Come and be a part of this cultural experience where we will scream, "Viva Mexico" y "Viva la Cultura" together! 

Nos miraremos en El Grito de Dolores,


Yvonne MendozaComment