Un Tesorito: Maga's

We were excited to receive feedback on how many of you headed to Aguascalientes for some amazing food! Shopping, eating and supporting local is so crucial to all of us. We dance a little when we see a sale come in. Small or big purchase, the intention of finding locally-owned places and investing in us is saying, micro-enterprises work! 

So in Tierra fashion we present yet another restaurant that you will find me in. Maga's! Located in the East End, Maga's is a gem of a place. You see, the owner has been cooking for others for over 15 years and now she is whipping up wonderful plates for her own clients. 

She serves a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. My favorite, Burrito Sabanero and Gorditas Estilo San Luis! I dine with my sister and mother here often, if you go on a Friday or Saturday night you may just find me there. 

Maga's Restaurant





P.S. Our store is 2 minutes away from Maga's in case you want to swing by!

Yvonne MendozaComment