Many of you know of Tierra as a marketplace where you can shop ethically, but many do not know that Tierra was also born in a social justice class. Where I was called to look at places, policies and history at its most raw and dark place and challenge to think that I could create something different.  Tierra was created with the desire to provide a place where people had a direct positive effect on others. As the owner and as a social work mental health professional what is currently happening with young immigrant children and families is detrimental to them and all of us. We are living in a time of dark rawness that requires infinite amounts of light and collective action.

We are firm believers that we are all interconnected and the choice we make individually will have an impact on society, everyday we choose whether the impact will be positive or negative. This "Zero Tolerance" policy is negative. As a social worker, child of an immigrant, Mexican-american, and a human, this policy challenges my deep core values.  Listening to this audio, 

has left me aching. I am disturbed. This is the sound of terror and deep anguish. Separating children from their parents/caregivers is traumatic. The chronic stress that they are currently enduring, during their developmental stages, will have a long lasting impact both physically and mentally. I ask that you inform yourself about what is currently happening. We are more alike than we are different. Dr. Brene Brown reminds us that courage is contagious , respond to their (children's) call.  Please review this wonderful article for more ways to get involved:

I refuse to believe we cannot do it any better,



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