You MUST! Carneceria Aguascalientes

Comida, the thing that binds community! La comida is a huge part of our culture. Biting into an enchilada potosina reminds me of my grandmother. Eating tacos de bistec takes me back to Teran, Nuevo Leon. It is important to us to not only share the beauty of Mexico with you through our store, we also want you relish in the amazing traditions that Mexico offers including its food.  Tierra is all about all things Mexico so we can’t leave this big component.


So in Tierra fashion we showcase today...Carniceria Aguascalientes! You can only really order a couple of things from this restaurant, Tacos, Tortas y Gorditas. This place is amazing! You will find me sitting in one of their stools at least once a week eating a gordita de rajas or tacos de fajita con cilantro y cebolla. Don’t be surprised when you don’t get a menu! All your food is cooked right in front of you. The only have stools and 2 bars as a sitting area, so pack your patience just a tad. This place is actually inside a Carniceria (Meat Market), but don’t dismay, this place will not disappoint. You will also find about 8-10 different aguas frescas at a time, all handmade and nothing out of a packet. The ladies are incredibly nice and provide top notch service. We recommend you give it a go on any weekday, if you wait until the weekend you will most likely be standing!


Tierra friends, you must dine at Carniceria Aguascalientes on 2809 Broadway St., Houston, TX 77017. Provecho!




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