Behind the Scenes: East End

Behind the Scenes:

We were so excited to invest in a video stabilizer.  It allows Marlen to get hands on and start making these fun videos! There’s something beautiful about putting pictures to thoughts.

I grew up in the East End. Nestled next to other mobile homes, my childhood was filled with so much love, walking to the nearby Poncho’s and going to Brookline Elementary.

Having Tierra in this part of town fascinates me. We dine often in the restaurants shown. The best breakfast tacos can be found at Villa Arcos. More personally, you will find me there on a casual Saturday morning eating with my father and sisters. We’ve done that for the past 5 years.

The esplanade! Such fun events happen on this street. You can shop at the farmers market on a Sunday or find us at the annual Frida Festival happening in April. We have vended so much on this street and have found other great businesses too.

The murals! Need we say more, beauty. Literally everywhere you see. I love color and this just adds to it!

Tlaquepaque Market, the little plaza that we share with others who bravely show up everyday. You will find coffee, records, art shows, a hair salon, texas-boutique, a photographer, a winery, ice cream, panaderia, thai food and so much more! We LOVE that the place is called Tlaquepaque and that aesthetically you will find yourself  in Mexico! Come visit us, say hi to our team, meet Mexico! Then visit all of our friends, eat and dine here, support local when you can. Te lo agradecemos! 

See you soon,

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