Ciudad de Mexico: Day 2

Ciudad de Mexico: Day 2

We started the day having breakfast at Blend Station, a coffee shop located in Condesa. We had amazing breakfast toasts, eggs, and veggie scrambles. Thanks to the coffee connoisseur  publication Drift Mag we were able to find these places and understand the history behind cafe and Mexico City.

We then made our way to the Piramides de Teotihuacan. A special and important trek to the top of the piramide, as the Tierra team coached one another through SEVERAL flights of stairs. We finally made it to the top and were beyond grateful to be apart of such culture with so much rich history. We wished for many positive things in the year 2019 and we then made our way back to the base.

Nearly two hours at the Piramides and then Mexico City traffic we finally ended up at dinner at the Santa Ana Inn. It was a treat to be able to sit and our food at the local hacienda. We refueled and ate some amazing chocoflan and then made our way to the Zocalo.

Once arriving we were in awe of the massive structure that is the Zocalo. The Mexican flag, of course, waving gallantly and proudly for its city and its country.  The livelihood of the city was shown through this plaza. We walked and enjoyed indigenous performances, decor, and the city vibe.

We then made our way back after a long but eventful day in Ciudad de Mexico, grateful and overjoyed.

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