Ciudad de Mexico: Day 3 and 4

Ciudad de Mexico: Day 3

On our last day and a half in Mexico we decided to stick around more inside the city and of course we started with cafe.

We visited Buna MX, a beautiful cafe located in Roma barrio. We asked for oaxacan pour overs and Buna executed it perfectly. Always the best way to start the day.

We then headed to La Ciudadela, a famous market place filled with artesanos from all over the country. We shopped and supported these artists and their hustle. During our time there we ran into a lady name Hakima. She is a huichol artist from the state of Jalisco, and she had decided to move to Mexico city to support herself and her two children with her art craft.

She beaded necklaces, bracelets, and earrings one by one, beautiful intricate pieces that her skill set had brought to life. We are constantly and Incredibly impressed by and her skills, and overall the community of artesanos that make up this country.

Afterwards we stopped in the street to eat a quick quesadilla snack and made our way to el Cru Cru brewery in Romita Barrio. It was here where we had an opportunity to meet with the artisans who cuts our papel picado, Jovenes Artesanos. They had hosted an event with food, mezcal, and local beers. The meeting was short but sweet! We were grateful to finally meet and support one another in each other’s entrepreneurial journey.

Thereafter ended the day with a walk in Mexico city’s largest park near Bellas Artes. We strolled and people watched into the evening and ended on a sweet note, a visit to Moro Churreria. A staple churro bakery in Mexico City and it was a must on our list!

The following morning we went to Quentin Café and breakfast in Roma. Then we made a quick pit stop to Panaderia Ideal before heading back to Houston.

After a fun and memorable trip to CDMX we were grateful to have experienced what we did and went back home with warm hearts.

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