Adios 2017. Year-in-Review

Hola Tierra Friends! It is a new year which means a new blog post is up! We have to admit that we haven’t kept up with TierraMAG for quite some time, but this is one of Tierra’s new year goals.

Many amazing things have happened since the start of 2017 and we want to sit for a bit and remember what has been done. This helps us celebrate the achievements, recognize what we missed and plan with a brave heart for what is to come.  

We started 2017 with a few pop-ups scheduled, working out of the closet from my home. What went down in 2017 looked a little like this:

  • Tierra opened its brick and mortar, May

  • Tierra hired another awesome team member, Lorena

  • Tierra got organized during very difficult summer months

  • Tierra celebrated El Grito de Dolores

  • Tierra secured a contract with our Alma Mater, UH

  • Tierra participated in many wonderful pop-ups

  • Tierra through the store has met beautiful, creative people

  • Tierra celebrated Small Business Saturday

  • Tierra met new artisans in Guanajuato

  • Tierra maintained our long-standing relationship with Mario and family, Rossana and Herbert

Although we are grateful for our accomplishments and of those of our artisans, we also sit with what was missed and the losses. Few tell you how difficult it is to run a business or even expand it. This Tierra journey has had its ups and downs and very serious ones too.

But even throughout this journey, a vital and important piece of advice that we hear and want to spread is the power of “grit”. The guts it takes to start something new is quite frankly, absolutely terrifying. But in return, is an abundance of growth and courage. We are encouraged by leaders, scholars, and innovators that give us momentum and a push towards creating effective change through Tierra’s purpose.  

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