Guanajuato Day 2

We started the day off by visiting Café Zenteno, a local coffee shop right across the street from our Airbnb. Once energized with caffeine and food, we made our way to El Mercado San Lucas Balderas. This “Mercado” was a long and narrow street made up of local artisans from different parts of Mexico. Vibrant colors and mixed patterns bring out the art behind indigenous culture. As we walked, we met one particular artisan named Guillermina from Guanajuato. Her skill is handmade leather goods, specifically men’s wallets. The stitching and the choice of leather was top quality work, she knew her skill was valuable and we appreciated her hard work. We switched information creating excitement over the new possibility of having a new artisan friend and business partner.

The day progressed and the Mercado was only the beginning. Later that evening after having dinner we made our way to El Centro, where the large famous San Miguel Cathedral stands. As the cathedral stood tall and majestic, it became known held beautiful authentic Mexican weddings. Just walking around for 30 minutes we saw three weddings pass us by. Mariachis blaring their horns, people dressed in white, tequila being passed around to share amongst their closest friends. It was such an interesting site to see.

On our way out we were able to converse with another artisan, by the name of Gloria. Her skill is handcrafted long beaded necklaces of Palma, or palm leaves. The colors caught our attention and we knew we had to talk with her. She explained that she was from Guerrero, MX where she was taught her artisanal skill, she then decided to move to San Miguel to pursue her art and build revenue from it. Excited to speak with her, we then shared our mission and values about Tierra and in hopes of creating another artisan relationship.

We ended the day with excitement and gratitude.


Yvonne MendozaComment