Guanajuato Day One

Day one SMA, GTO

After a smooth flight and a bumpy 1 hour ride through the mountains we have arrived in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. The small but well known town is painted in autumn colors, filled with beautiful plants and flowers. As the the clock struck 2pm we felt the heat on our backs and necks and we finally made our way to our Airbnb. We adapted well in our studio apt, appreciating the Mexican furniture and architecture. Once settled, we craved for Mexican cuisine and being around this community, we quickly made our way to our first food stop of the trip.

As the day continued we walked and conversed with locals, admired the coble stone roads, and began blending in with our culture. Once in Mexico, our mindsets change and we began to feel grateful for the sights we see and the places we visit. Reassuring us every time how proud we are to be of Mexican decent.

We took the day a bit slow since we had been awake since 5 in the morning. As the day progressed and the sun began to set, the golden hour brought out the vibrancy of the city. Red, yellow, and orange homes began to paint the streets creating a calm and soothing energy. We began our search of new artisans, new designs, and new experiences. The sincerity of this city and of its people made it easy for us to connect with them, and more importantly for a trust to be curated. We loved seeing people from different states of Mexico, especially Margarita from Guerrero.

We end the day early and we enjoy the cool breeze of the late evening feeling full in our hearts. Gracias Mexico!



San Miguel De Allende


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