The Face Behind Kismet Boutique: Cristina Hernandez

In the east side of Houston, Texas there is a plaza called Tlaquepaque Market Square. Being known for its dedication to Mexico’s aesthetic and architecture, the small market can be justifiably coined as “Little Mexico”. In the midst of its shops and bohemian café, there a small corner boutique called Kismet.           

Kismet Boutique, is owned by the Cristina Hernandez, a long time patron of the East End community. Born in El Salvador but raised in Houston, Hernandez sought out her passion by posting her business in Tlaquepaque Market Square on May 19th 2014.

“This was something I had in my heart for a longtime”, explained Hernandez. “I have always wanted to be my own boss and empower not only myself but my family and others by becoming one”.

This wave of Latinx business owners has been continuously growing, the once silenced majority minority has now gained a voice that showcases the Latinx work ethic. Why is it so important to acknowledge these small business owners? As we move forward as a group in society, we carry this faith and pride that we instill in nuestra gente, un gran orgullo.  Those whose drive and tenacity has brought them the success of owning a brick and mortar deserve to be spotlighted and encouraged to continue moving the Latinx community forward.

“It is the utmost importance to have our hardworking culture follow their dreams and reach their goals”, says Hernandez. “I believe that we as a culture are more empowered and able than we give ourselves credit for.”

Being part of a community that is known as the working hands and feet of large enterprises, our people, are the busy bodies that make the figurative wheels turn in American society. The empowerment Hernandez gains from owning something such as a small business, creates a stir that essentially can benefit a whole cultural movement. Once you give a small business owner the tools necessary to succeed along with the drive and work ethic that Latinx people are born with, the possibilities are endless. Hernandez passionately states,

“I urge to feel empowered to develop your own business because yes you can! Focus on your dreams and goals, prepare yourself with a strong business plan, seek advice and do not be afraid.”

Perhaps the biggest hurdle we need overcome as a community is merely the faith we store inourselves, in a place that hasn’t always catered to our growth, our time is now and we must not be afraid to move forward and grow. We are no ordinary people.

Cristina Hernandez: Business Owner

Cristina Hernandez: Business Owner