tierra MAG

Tierra Friends!

We are excited and perhaps also nervous, to share with you our next steps with Tierra. We have officially hit the year mark with this small business and have grown in such a substantial way, we are literally watching right before our eyes how fast this is moving. We have done countless markets, have meet dozens of small business owners, and have seen the artistic growth of our beloved artisans. Aside from building a communal relationship with Mexico, and specifically with Merida, Yucatán, we are also creating this bond with Houston.

A city, we not only call home, but also a city that houses and supports the hustle of the Latinx community. We see everyday the hard work that the Latinx community puts forth in contributing towards Houston culture, and we feel that it is necessary to share that with others.

We have decided to create this brand, a platform that showcases the work ethic, the struggle, and the massive achievements of Latinx business owners and the Houston Latinx culture. Outspoken and educated, brave and daring, Tierra is  ready to show the world what the Latinx community in Houston is capable of.  

We welcome you to Tierra MAG. 

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