Tierra Houston: The local mission

We are so excited to be working with one of our first Houston artisans. We will introduce her so very soon and are excited to grow our local mission with her. All the way from Guanajuato, her tenacity and drive, “nos tiene bien emocionadas”! Her bio and picture coming soon.

What is Tierra’s local mission? Glad, you asked! We want to continue the depth of color and beauty that Mexico offers here in Houston. We will work with Mexican immigrants now living in Houston who are interested in creating Mexico-inspired goods. Tierra will provide the artisan with the “telas” and supplies needed to create bright pieces. Our new Houston artisan is leading the way. All her creation is hers and one of a kind. Anything created will be sold on the online marketplace and at our pop-up markets, like the one below (Photo from MECA Dia de los Muertos 2016)! At the root of it all, Tierra wants to continue to build a platform for economic empowerment in Mexico and now in Houston. 

Yvonne MendozaComment