do you pay artisans?

So how do we exactly pay our artisans? Well, we had that question asked this past weekend at our pop-up event. We welcomed the question and wanted to share here.

All of our products that you currently see online and at our events have been paid for! Yes, all of them. The artisans have a price that they have set for each of their items. We talk about how long each item takes, talk about the actual work of creating each piece, and then ask them if we can pay them a higher price. We always ask. We provide our reasoning and most always they agree! We pay them right then and there. They do not have to wait to receive their money or wait to see if their items sell.  If it doesn’t sell they do not lose! We remind our Tierra Friends that this is a platform. We happily bring pieces of Mexico to you and at the same time the artisans become international sellers! 

Yvonne MendozaComment