Post Merida Trip

We are back from Merida and wanted to let you in on how things go after trips. Let the record state that trips (and markets) are the highlight of what we do! We came back with such a high on the conversations had and goals we hope to dominate in 2017. That same day we flew in we headed to our home office and realized that internal things MUST.GET.DONE including the not so fun, price tagging and inventory. In order to continue to venture out and grow we need internal structure and stability. So we have spent the past 10 days doing just this. We get here wanting to showcase the products quickly, but must take the time to capture them all. This required a 5 hour photo shoot that Marlen creatively did. As that is happening, I’m still working on creating SKU for our inventory. All the pictures have to be edited and then added to our online market. At the same time we work on our everyday must do’s including social media and pop-up events! 

However, we are grateful for the both the highs of trips and the daily grind. We remind ourselves daily (literally and so does Herbet, Familia Santiz and Rossana. Every day they are hustling, walking up and down Paseo Montejo and sitting for hours sewing small huichol beads together. At the end of the day we promote, create inventory, and sell their work for our mutual love of mexican-handmade crafts(stories) and to further their capacity to grow financially. They and thousands of others who bravely create for a livelihood deserve the ability to do so successfully where they reside.

Yvonne MendozaComment