The Little Street Market

I ran across this picture not too long and was reminded of how the idea for Tierra was created. I had the opportunity of a lifetime to head to the United Nations for the Commission on the Status of Women (March/2015) through my graduate program. As I was preparing to attend I needed to fundraise to get to NYC, so months before I left I started to brainstorm on what I could do. 

While visiting the state of Guanajuato and Jalisco, Mexico (Dec/2014) I was struck with the beauty of it all! The handmade work, the food, of course, the mountains and the people. I wanted to stay and take it with me all at the same time. It was while eating, walking and enjoying Mexico that I began to wonder two things, the same two things that I wondered when I was in Merida (read story on welcome page)... Can the Mexican community already existing in Houston continue to craft and create such vibrant, colorful work? If so, how could that be sustained? The other question that came to mind was, how can I contribute to the beauty that already exist in Mexico? 

So I explained my thoughts to my sister Carol in a mini van on the ride back from Guadalajara, MX to Celaya, GTO with much excitement and even more curiosity. We went back and forth in what this "thing/idea" could look like. So before I came back to the states, I had made up my mind in bringing with me artesanias. I was to set-up shop, selling tamales, champurrado, ojarascas  and artesanias. If this worked I was heading to the United Nations with a vision and lots of questions. So the little street market went up and before the crowd came it looked like the picture below (also seen on our FB page). 



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