Searching for meaning...

There was a day where I was working a shift at one of my jobs (plural on jobs because college student) and I was beginning to feel like I was in a rut. I had lived in Brazil just a few months before and had experienced new things that were inexplicable. I had met people who had changed my life and had committed myself to new ideas and new goals upon returning. So when I recognized this feeling of redundancy and conformity I knew I had to do something about it. I reached out to Yvonne, I explained to her that I believe I can contribute to this community of sustainability and help progress these new ideas and new goals just like I did in Brazil.

            Ever since this discussion I have been a part of Tierra more closely and have seen the business grow and flourish right before me. The satisfaction and accomplishment of even the smallest things from Tierra has given me the greatest joy. I look forward to my continued work with Tierra and hope to create this community of growth between the US and Mexico. My cultural pride spills over into this work and the depth of the stories and artisan work has inspired me to not only help these artisans pursue their passions but mine as well.

~ Marlen

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