Day 3 in Merida

Now halfway through our trip in Merida we decided to visit a large hacienda called La Hacienda Yaxcopoil, which has been around since the pre-Hispanic era. During our tour de haciendas we met several knowledgeable tour guides who have dedicated their time to learning, teaching and living the history that each hacienda brings. On our last tour visiting the city of Temozón Sur we met our tour guide for the evening named Cecilio. Cecilio educated us on the historical and political up rise of the henequen factory business. Henequen derives from a plant and is processed, dried, and then weaved by artisan hands. For Tierra we want to make sure and take back historical accuracy when discussing the handmade mexico inspired goods. We thank the brilliant minds of Yucatecos who kindly spent the day explaining such beauties. 


Yvonne MendozaComment