Day 2 in Merida

We began our day by having breakfast at a local restaurant down the street, Café Montejo, greeted by amazing homemade breads and pastries. There we mapped out our day and began our drive to Mayapan, Yucatan. Mayapan is a city near Merida where Mayan and Toltec ruins were discovered after the famous Chichen Itza pyramid. As we walked among the ruins we met Erick, our extremely knowledgeable tour guide. Erick studied Mayan, Aztec, Toltec and other empires during his studies at his university. Learning about these indigenous civilizations made us proud of what continues to thrive here in Mexico, history and culture. Our eyes are witnessing beauties we wish all could see! Tierra with a whole lot of heart and excitement carefully brings back artesanias that explain the region and its people. 

Yvonne MendozaComment