Tierra Friends,

Hi, it is so kind of you to meet me here! Can I just say that I have NEVER done this before and I'm quite nervous about it. But as one of my favorite teachers (Elizabeth Gilbert) has written, "Just say what you want to say, then, and say it with all your heart. Share whatever you are driven to share." 

In that spirit, I want to use this space to chronicle important milestones, for myself and for those who would like to know. This will allow me to look back and see growth, excitement, and even stagnation.

Also, I want to share with you my heart, this ,Tierra de los Artesanos! I want to let you in on how it got started, where it is now, and where I hope it goes. I will write about the beauty of Mexico, how my profession, social work, plays a fundamental part of this and my fears. Yes, my fears! Saying yes to this idea that washed over me was(is) incredibly daring for me. So there will be times where that might be reflected here. 

Also I hope to share with you my adventures in Mexico, Houston, and also write about the things that inspire me. Thank you for reading this and for making your way onto this website! 

Here's to a new year full of daring adventures, passion and justice,





Yvonne Mendoza2 Comments