Por que Mexico?

Tierra Friends,

Thank you for meeting me here again! We are currently finishing our inventory and every time I look at the products I get all sorts of excited! We traveled to Merida, Yucatan recently to find new artisans, yea! This region of Mexico is so beautiful, filled with rich Mayan history, flavorful food like salbutes and cochinita pibil, and a city filled with incredibly creative people.

Which leads me to today's post, Why Mexico? Why have we chosen to focus on Mexico's beauty and create Tierra de los Artesanos? This story starts with my parents, the two people who have stirred my love for Mexico and its people. You see, my parents are from Mexico one was born in a town in Nuevo Leon and the other was born in Lagunillas. Both left their country and headed to the States. Their story of arriving here and creating a new life is a brave one, but what is more lovely is that they choose to honor their past and give us the luxury of not only enjoying our life here (U.S.A), but also Mexico.

As a child we would travel to Mexico once a year. It was on those trips that I fell in love with its cuisine, the rich welcoming culture, and the artesanias! As I grew older and made trips to other parts of Mexico I was taken back by how resourceful the people were, how bright and laborious their work was, and how the preservation of family and culture was showcased everywhere. Living in Houston, and being Mexican myself, I was immersed in the culture and noticed three common things from Mexican immigrants here and the Mexican people there. They are resilient, dedicated, and skilled. Both here and there.

You see Mexico also struggles with corruption, severe poverty, and violence... as do many countries. But even in the midst of such ordeal,  just like our community and its people the beauty, depth and richness is loud and bright. We want Tierra de los Artesanos to be a place where the work of those who labor to create such "loudness and brightness" can continue with their craft and use this platform to showcase their dedication and skill. I can only hope that as we move forward we will continue to attract women and men of Mexico and of Houston.  Where together we will focus on its beauty, depth, and richness by also incorporating fair, just wages, and ethical practices. 

Viva Mexico y Su gente,


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