Yvonne Mendoza, LMSW

Yvonne Mendoza is a Latina social work graduate from the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work. Yvonne is passionate about supporting and creating systemic change.

While working in social service agencies and through her graduate research Yvonne realized that today's economic system does not provide work for all. Her social work foundation and love for Mexico and its people, has allowed her to focus on what is working and thriving in Mexico, to channel this social enterprise forward.

Yvonne is founder of Tierra de los Artesanos: The Fair Market an economic empowerment platform, online market and Houston store-front.

She is the daughter of Mexican immigrants and one of two sisters. Her inspiration was nurtured and created at home.  

Carol Mendoza-Leon: Tierra Visual Manager

Carol Mendoza-Leon has her master’s degree from Abilene Christian University and bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University. Her extraordinary attention to detail, colors, fabrics and textures are all inspired by the Mexican beauty that hides behind the hands of artisans showcasing the heart of Mexico.

She has traveled extensively through Mexico, Central America and South America. Through her time abroad she has researched and breathed the beauty that permeates in each country. Carol will focus on just practices and environmentally safe creation with our Artesan@s.

When not focusing on Tierra, she and her husband enjoy working on their own business, Revitalized Investments.

Marlen Mendoza: Website Catalogue Photographer

Marlen Mendoza is a communications public relations graduate from the University of Houston. Marlen has photographed for the University of Houston Student Programming Board, a few of her events include, SXSW, Frontier Fiesta, and UH Big Sean Homecoming Concert.

Marlen has traveled extensively throughout Mexico, Europe, and Brazil where she has enjoyed creating community.

When not capturing moments, Marlen gathers inspiration from freshly brewed coffee and music. 


Berry Forest Productions: Videographer and Storyteller

Berry Forest Bio Pic.jpg

Berry Forest Productions is a family owned company that provides videography and photography services for special events and businesses. Located in the heart of Houston, Berry Forest is committed to capturing the details that bring a story to life. 

Lorena Barcenas is co-founder and mastermind behind the quirky sounds of Berry Forest Productions. She is a digital media major at the University of Houston, Go Coogs! Lorena enjoys traveling and volunteering for the free t-shirts.Hortencia Flores is co-founder and video editor for Berry Forest Productions. She is a Chicana teacher who works with immigrant youth. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts from Abilene Christian University and she loves to paint with her students and in her free time.